Tips for Staying Free

Tips for Staying Free

These are general tips for avoiding the entrapment of proprietary systems. This page will be updated as new tips become relevant. Please leave a comment with any tips you are aware of!

1. Do not opt to sign in to a website using Google or Facebook or any other account info. Always use a different email address to sign up for a service, never use your personal or work email.

2. Get an email account to use specifically for signing up for services or registering on websites. ideally you should have a few email accounts designated to sign up or register on websites offering you an account. is great for this and you can have several Proton email accounts. I name my accounts to be related to my activity, such as when I sign up for information or I send an enquiry about about a software product.

3. Again - never use your personal or main work email address to request information or to sign up for an account. You will most likely get spam from a site you are purchasing from, as they sell your information to other sites! Spam-a-lama-ding-dong.

Things to know...

Learn about about Fusion Centers and your data/information from the Digital Fourth:  (Low volume at the start but gets better. crank the volume when Emma, the first speaker starts.) Understand the campaigns of disinformation and the enormous amount of money being spent. What do they know about you and how do they use that personal information? Who can access your data through a Fusion Center?